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From "Bas Bosman" <>
Subject Make cordova platform add ios work on Windows
Date Sat, 01 Feb 2014 21:05:11 GMT
I've been looking into this. (JIRA CB-5706)

The current create and update scripts for iOS are shell and Python script.
Both of which aren't available on Windows without jumping through a lot of

Converting the scripts to JavaScript, modeled after the Android scripts,
will fix the issues of not being able to run them on Windows as we already
have a Node dependency.

But the bigger problem is check_reqs. That will never succeed on Windows
as there's no XCode there.

Maybe add an optional --force parameter that will allow people to ignore
the check_reqs result?

Before creating a JIRA issue for that I wanted to solicit some opinions
here. Is this a valid course of action? Are there better alternatives?


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