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From Jonathan Bond-Caron <>
Subject RE: XML Namespaces
Date Thu, 13 Feb 2014 13:13:16 GMT
On Wed Feb 12 05:00 PM, Andrew Grieve wrote:
> So... I'd like to:
> A: Remove  xmlns="" from our config.xml
> template
> B: Change xmlns:cdv="" -> xmlns="
> C: Revert the commit that enforces the namespace to exist.
> This will allow us to add new tags & attributes to cordova.xml without
> "violating"
> XML namespace rules.
> Does anyone hate this idea?

+1 for dropping widget spec in 4.0

Issue with the widget spec is it doesn't take into account multiple platforms, or possibly
different runtimes.
A 'cordova app' is more similar to a plugin.xml (needs to be ported to multiple platforms).

Some rough work here:

Using the widget spec as-is looks like a lowest-hanging fruit experience on multiple platforms.

You need lots of xmlns:cdv, xmlns:gap, ... stuff to bridge the gap.

Short term (3.x):
-1 to A,B,C
- add xmlns:cdv for custom icons, ...?

Long term (4.x)
- New cordova config file
- Provide migration path of cordova 3.x project -> 4.x

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