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From "Wargo, John" <>
Subject RE: XML Namespaces
Date Sat, 15 Feb 2014 17:42:34 GMT
So isn't Cordova 4.0 a good time to do this and switch to JSON config files? Everyone is going
to have to update their projects and plugins anyway, right?

I agree that dropping the widget spec is a good idea since it seems to be really limiting

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From: Jonathan Bond-Caron [] 
Sent: Friday, February 14, 2014 10:55 AM
Subject: RE: XML Namespaces

On Thu Feb 13 10:49 AM, Braden Shepherdson wrote:
> except for the persistent question of what we're gaining with all these changes.
> Like the JSON config files idea, I'd be happy if we were already in that world. But
> the transition is sufficiently painful that switching doesn't feel worth it; we don't
> gain enough to justify the pain.
> However! That only applies to the configuration file reshuffling. If we really can
> refactor Plugman's flows to have reversible transactions, that would definitely
> make me happy. But I don't think we should conflate the config changes and that
> refactoring - they're independent. We would need to expand the metadata
> tracked by plugman, of course, but that's not the same as moving all the
> configuration.

Agree that some plugman refactoring isn't related to config changes.
But some work would involve converting plugin.xml --> project.json  (installed metadata)

I'd argue we gain a lot by doing this, there's so much IO going on to keep the installed plugin.xml
files around and reading those files. 
In comparison to a single project.json, that's a big benefit.

If there's going to be code written to map xml to json, it makes sense to work on 1-1 mapping
of xml & json config files in 1 swoop.

Added a section on preferences around xml or json:

Ultimately the bit I think is important is dropping the widget spec, it's counter-productive.
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