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From Josh Soref <>
Subject Platform update and breaking plug-ins
Date Thu, 06 Feb 2014 16:12:43 GMT
So, we discovered that a number of plugins are misusing an API in our platform (exec). We changed
the implementation, and this broke the plug-ins which were expecting different but not promised

There's a cordova-cli platform update command, which is supposed to update your platform,
but it doesn't seem fair consider whether a platform could be incompatible with a plug-in.

I'm considering having platform update have a way to check the installed plugins and fail
if they fit certain criteria. Does anyone have an opinion on this?

Another approach would be for the platform update command to be able to automatically update
plugins (it should update them first, ideally to a version compatible with both the old and
new platform ; if it plans to update after the platform and it's interrupted, then you can
easily end up with broken plugins).

There is a before platform update hook available - although it isn't documented at:

I will file a bug and patch for this...
I don't think that it would help. It would require a plug-in to know in advance that it's
buggy, which is unlikely. Knowing about bugs is more the job of a registry (

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