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From Dominique Hazael-Massieux <>
Subject Alignment with W3C specs
Date Thu, 20 Feb 2014 08:43:04 GMT
[resending, think my first attempt went before I finished subscribing]

Hi all,

Let me introduce myself quickly: I am part of the W3C staff, am
responsible for supervising the mobile-related work in W3C, serve as the
“staff contact” for a variety of W3C groups (Web & Mobile Interest
Group, Device APIs Working Group, Geolocation Working Group, WebRTC
Working Group); I also edit a quarterly overview of Web technologies
relevant to mobile:

After some discussion with Brian, I filed yesterday a bunch of issues
around aligning Cordova plugins with W3C specs [1].

Given how widely used Cordova is, and given that I understand its goals
include to keep the development of hybrid apps as close as possible to
standards Web app, I feel it's pretty important we try to keep W3C and
Cordova APIs as aligned as possible.

I'm interested to contribute myself to that alignment, and to try to get
some of the Web & Mobile IG participants to help as well; but before
diving into that, I would like to start some higher level discussion on
how that alignment should happen, and how we keep the APIs aligned in
the long run.

More specifically:
* some of the W3C APIs are more stable than others; should we target to
align with all W3C APIs, or only the most stable? If the latter, any
thumb rule as to how stable a W3C API needs to be before aligning with

* I understand that APIs need to be preserved between Major releases
according to ; if one
were to start working on aligned APIs for the various plugins, what
would be the best approach:
  - provide patches that replace the existing APIs with the new
(aligned) ones  for Cordova 4.x, and add deprecation warnings for the
existing APIs in 3.4+
  - provide patches that add the aligned APIs in 3.5+, deprecation
warnings for existing ones, and reimplement existing ones on top of the
aligned APIs

* how should we proceed when the number of features provided in W3C APIs
is smaller than the ones provided by Cordova?

* how should we deal with APIs that are no longer developed by W3C? I
see there was recent discussion on this on the Network Information API
for instance [2]

* how can we facilitate a feedback loop between the Cordova project and
the various W3C groups developing corresponding APIs? I understand that
everyone can get very busy on both sides, so I wonder if there is a way
to set up a kind of a regular checkpoint that would avoid our common
APIs to drift away, and would provide an opportunity to synchronize on
the future plans

Sorry for this long message, and thanks for any feedback you might have!


1. namely: battery html media capture contacts motion orientation notifications File transfer I18N Media Vibration which was marked
as a dup of


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