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From Joe Bowser <>
Subject Re: [Android] InAppBrowser sucks and needs a re-write
Date Mon, 20 Jan 2014 19:05:14 GMT
Let me clarify:

1. OAuth sucks, and InAppBrowser sucks, and there's no better solution
to this problem, so InAppBrowser will probably have to stay
2. Does anyone disagree with me when I say that InAppBrowser sucks and
is too complex.  If so, why?
3. Who wants to re-write the code that I don't care about?

On Mon, Jan 20, 2014 at 11:01 AM, Darryl Pogue <> wrote:
> As Shazron mentioned, it is important for apps doing OAuth with
> 3rd party services that might not provide Java APIs.
> In our case, we need to use InApp Browser to allow users to sign in
> to FitBit. We detect when the URL changes after a successful login and
> pull tokens from it.
> On Mon, Jan 20, 2014 at 10:55 AM, Brian LeRoux <> wrote:
>> The only platform that really needs it is iOS b/c it doesn't have intents
>> so I'm not sure focusing on this part of the codebase is a worthwhile
>> exercise. I'd be fine with deprecating the Android support and add a docs
>> note for ppl to not hijack href's for spawning in-app when running anywhere
>> but iOS.
>> On Mon, Jan 20, 2014 at 10:37 AM, Joe Bowser <> wrote:
>>> Hey
>>> So, after spending a bit of time with InAppBrowser, I think we should
>>> get rid of it.  It serves almost no purpose, and it's way too complex
>>> of a plugin for us to maintain.  However, nobody would agree with me
>>> about shitcanning this thing, so instead I propose we re-write the
>>> whole thing because it pretty much needs to be green-fielded.
>>> Part of the reason is the fact that the UI is all hardcoded when it
>>> doesn't need to be.  Now that we're moving around resources, we should
>>> be able to move around XML layouts and use this instead of hardcoding
>>> our UI in JS.
>>> The other part of the reason is that I think that too many new
>>> features got added to InAppBrowser, and I don't think anyone actually
>>> knows how this thing is supposed to work.  Furthermore, I think that
>>> on Android, even if you follow Android guidelines, the InAppBrowser
>>> looks totally stupid and it screams "This is a PhoneGap App therefore
>>> it sucks!".  If our users can tell if an app is written in Cordova, we
>>> have failed.
>>> Now, I'm fine with moving out the UI, but I want to know how much
>>> people care about this stupid plugin.
>>> Also, on another note, has anyone tried starting Chrome with
>>> startActvitiyForResult and onActivityResult? I'd much rather have
>>> chrome appear and have Chrome pass the results back than our stupid
>>> half-baked browser.
>>> I'm sure everyone has thoughts on this, so let's hear them.
>>> Joe

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