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From Andrew Grieve <>
Subject Tools release blog post (please review)
Date Wed, 15 Jan 2014 18:27:45 GMT
layout: post
    name: Andrew Grieve
title:  "Tools Release: Jan 15, 2014"
categories: news
tags: release tools
We've just update our command-line tools:
* plugman@0.18.0
* cordova@3.3.1-0.2.0

To update your tools:
    npm update -g cordova
    npm update -g plugman

This release brings with it some bug fixes as well as some new
features! Notably:
* `config.xml` now lives at the project root by default (instead of within www/)
* `hooks` now lives at the project root by default (instead of within .cordova)

Full list of release notes:

## cordova
* CB-5006 Add --searchpath to "plugin add" so that installing by ID
will search local paths before hitting the registry.
* CB-4153 Add --src & --link to cordova create.
* CB-5687 Make cordova commands work when CWD is inside of a symlink'ed www/
* CB-4910 Default config.xml to the root instead of within www/
* CB-5764 Move hooks/ to top-level instead of under .cordova
* CB-5763 Don't create .cordova/ by default
* CB-4871 Reduced package size significantly.
* CB-4976 Don't use ~/.cordova/lib for local directory
* CB-5777 Fix "platform update" not updating cordova.js
* CB-5728 Files in merges must remain intact when removing platform

## plugman
* CB-5770 plugman prepare.js script content wrapping no longer allows
ending parens/braces to be commented out from end of line comment
* CB-4871 Reduced package size significantly.
* CB-5720 Allow `<resource-file>` on Android
* CB-5006 Add --searchpath option for local plugin search path
* CB-5701 Reference custom frameworks using relative paths
* CB-5495, CB=5568 Fix config.xml path for ios

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