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From "dev at" <>
Subject Re: reverted cordova version -- now build fails on HelloCordova
Date Fri, 24 Jan 2014 03:40:17 GMT
Thanks to all who responded -- Josh, Braden, and Andrew. Just knowing about 
node-inspector and to look at the node-cache will surely help me going 

As it turns out, I think there is a bug in the 3.0.3 CLI. The immediate 
source of the error is in node_modules/cordova/src/prepare.js -- the 
platform list passed in includes options, so when the line 
platforms[p].parser(...) is executed on line 68 with p==--debug,...

I'm sure this is fixed in later versions, and I'm not going to risk breaking 
something else trying to fix it properly myself, so my work-around is to 
only invoke 'cordova build android' without options, and then hand edit 
PROJECT_ROOT/platforms/android/cordova/build.bat, appending the build type 
option to the command there. It's a little ugly, but not inconvenient.

I sincerely appreciate the help. Yesterday was a bad day -- I was hit by at 
least three other "nasty surprise" issues. By evening, I was very tired.


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From: "Josh Soref" <>
To: <>
Sent: Thursday, 23 January, 2014 11:44
Subject: Re: reverted cordova version -- now build fails on HelloCordova

Braden wrote:
>At a glance, it sounds like your bug might be caused by having a newer
>cordova-android cached than 3.0.3 is expecting, causing the build and run
>scripts to fail. Try deleting $HOME/.cordova/lib, and recreating the test

On Windows, that should be %USERPROFILE%\.cordova\lib

In general, installing node-inspector is the right starting point:

 npm install node-inspector
 node node_modules\node-inspector\bin\inspector.js

Then in another window, node --debug-brk cordova-cli\bin\cordova
And then use Chrome to load the url that inspector.js references.

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