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From Maxime LUCE <>
Subject RE: iOS webview size
Date Fri, 06 Dec 2013 13:25:13 GMT

I will try to explain the issue more precisely.
When I launch my app using XCode in the iOS emulator, I can see that my app is resized in
a 320x240 frame. This behavior force iOS to resize every DOM elements to adjust to an arbitrary

I checked the behavior by putting a "alert(document.width) on start up".

Someone could help me override this behavior ? I'm not an iOS nor objective C expert.

Maxime LUCE
06 28 60 72 34

Not sure what you mean.

Are you saying you can only have a canvas with a max size of 320x240? I have an app with a
larger canvas than that.

If that is what you are saying, be sure you are not trying to set the canvas size just using

For an example maybe have a look at my canvas demo:
On 06/12/2013 12:06 pm, "Maxime LUCE" <> wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> It appears that on iOS, webview is restricted to a 320x240 canvas.
> Is it possible to automatically set canvas size using device screen's one ?
> Why is it not the default scenario ?
> Cordialement.
> -------------------------------
> Maxime LUCE - Somatic
> 06 28 60 72 34

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