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From "Smith, Peter" <>
Subject RE: UX redesign
Date Thu, 12 Dec 2013 22:31:22 GMT
I have some feedback about versions and the download counts.

When a particular plugin (eg org.apache.cordova.XYZ) has multiple
versions 0.1.0, 0.1.5, 0.2.0, 0.2.1, 0.2.3, 0.2.4 then how will the list
of all those different versions displayed? And what does the download
count mean in that case - is it count per id across all versions or for
each version?
For example, it is not so clear where clicking on a "Most Downloaded"
link on the "home" page goes to - is it to the details page of the most
downloaded version? E.g. maybe the plugin XYZ version v0.2.3 is most
downloaded but that is only because XYZ v0.2.4 is very new and nobody is
aware of it yet.

Similarly, if the "search results" page is sorted by download counts
maybe v0.2.3 has 10,000 downloads but the newer v0.2.4 has only 57
dowloads so falls off bottom of that results list. So the user might
accidentally download what they believe is most popular and fetch v0.2.3
simply because they are unaware of a newer version of the same plugin.
Or am I misreading this page, and that "Version" column actually means
"*Latest* Version" (??)

Users ought to be able to get any version of a plugin they want -
perhaps they do not want the latest version, but it would be a pity if
they accidentally didn't get the latest version simply because they
didn't even know it existed.

Maybe that plugin "details" page could always default to show the latest
version but providing a "Version History" section on that page would
help by giving links back to older versions of the same plugin id...
12 Dec 2013: v0.2.4, 57 downloads
25 Nov 2013: v0.2.3, 10,000 downloads
04 May 2013: v0.2.1, 6777 downloads
03 May 2013: v0.2.0, 16 downloads
12 Mar 2013: v0.1.5, 503 downloads
05 Jan 2013: v0.1.0, 50 downloads


-----Original Message-----
From: Joni Rustulka [] 
Sent: Thursday, 12 December 2013 2:27 PM
Cc: Yohei Shimomae
Subject: UX redesign

Hi all,

I'm Joni. I work at Adobe as a UX designer on the PhoneGap team, and I
have recently thrown some time at redesigning the site. I'm looking for feedback prior to
implementation - your thoughts are appreciated.

The main screens that have been reworked are as follows:

  1.  Home ( The primary goal for the
site is to help users find the plugins they need. As such, the main
focus is on search/findability.

  2.  Search Results ( Upon search for a
plugin, the user is returned results. The user can filter to include
only desired platforms (, and the
results table can be sorted by number of downloads, or plugin ID.

  3.  Plugin Details ( The details
screen intends to provide all of the necessary information on a plugin.
** From what I understand, one piece of information that may be missing
from this screen is "Installation Instructions". This being, config.xml
feature tags. Is this something that you guys plan to automate, or
should we be telling plugin authors to put this information in their
Read Me? Please advise.

Further, we do intend to make this a responsive site - so it will be
easily viewed on smaller screen sizes.

Thanks for your input,

PS - big thanks and kudos to Yohei for putting together the pluggy

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