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From Josh Soref <>
Subject Re: [Node 101] Part 0
Date Fri, 13 Dec 2013 16:37:32 GMT
Braden wrote:
>I'd be willing to write a Git 101, if there were interest there. We're all
>familiar with the basics now, but some of the more extended features
>(bisecting, stashes and rebases come to mind) might be of interest.

These topics are a compilation based on talking to some other peopleŠ

1. How to identify the git url(s) for a ³repo² when all you have is a url
to some http file viewer:

(Please feel free to provide instructions for other git viewersŠ)

2. Accessing labels (tags, branches) - getting a list, selecting them,

3. How to get a good graphical tree

I¹ve settled on this:
git log --oneline --abbrev-commit --all --graph --decorate
‹ but there¹s probably better onesŠ

4. How to use pull requests (please cover at least github and gerrit)

5. When to use Push, Fetch, Pull, git-format-patch

When/how it is safe/necessary/expected to add a `-f` (e.g. For push to
update a pull request)

6. How to use git-format-patch (both to create and to consume without

7. Splitting commits :)

8. What Graphical GUIs are there/should people use

9. Diffing, how to practically compare two divergent nodesŠ
(I don¹t have a good approach to this, I¹ve sort of settled on:
 A. diff the leaves to see how terribly divergent they are
 B. export the individual commits and diffing them

10. Merging / interpreting diff -cc

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