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From Josh Soref <>
Subject Re: Review Request 15775: Add --src & --link to "cordova create"
Date Thu, 12 Dec 2013 21:59:38 GMT
Mark wrote:
>--link was a boolean before, now it accepts a path, so it's either
>--src=path or --link=path.
>Added a check in config_parser to make sure we are looking at an xml file
>that looks like Cordova config.xml to avoid overwriting some unrelated
>config.xml when symlinking to www dir.
>Same diff on github:

I can¹t figure out how to use review board (I guess the account isn¹t
connected to JIRA, is it connected to anything else?)

> [--src|source=<PATH>] ...... use custom www assets instead of the stock
>cordova hello-world.

Please use ³Cordova² not ³cordova² unless you mean ³./cordova² or some
other script.
(I¹m aware that there¹s a line in another file which has the same
convention, that¹s a bug, which is hopefully being fixed by some other
pending pull request, but if it¹s in flight, then it will miss yours)

> [--link=<PATH>] ............ as above, but symlink the custom www dir
>instead of copying.

Please don¹t use ³as above², it¹s asking for things to break when the next
person inserts a line into the help file.

+var path = require('path');
+var optimist; // required in try-catch below to print a nice error
message if it's not installed.

I believe general style would be:

var path = require('path'),

+    // If no inputArgs given, use preocess.argv but without the

Please don¹t introduce spelling errors, not even in comments.

> _ = require('lodash');

What is this, and why don¹t I see it in packages.json?

MacBook-Pro:docs $ node
> require('lodash')
Error: Cannot find module 'lodash'
    at Function.Module._resolveFilename (module.js:338:15)

+        if (inputArgs[0].match('node')) { // On Win first element is full
path to node.exe

This is way too hacky.

You¹re reordering a lot of unrelated code. I¹m very uncomfortable with
mixing rewrites and new features. I¹d personally prefer you split them
into distinct commits. ‹ It¹s making reviewing the changes here incredibly

+    if((r.tag !== 'widget') || !r.attrib || (r.attrib.xmlns !== xmlns)) {

There should probably be a space after `if`Š

-        if (contents.length == 0) {
+        if (contents.length === 0) {

If this is a style fix, please have it in a style-fix commit instead of
mixed with a refactor and a feature.

         } else if (contents.length == 1) {
Also, why didn¹t you change this??

-    shell.mkdir('-p', www_dir);

there¹s probably a good reason for this, but it¹s now so burried that
there¹s no way I can figure out what it is :(

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