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From Joe Bowser <>
Subject Re: Benchmark comparison of classic webview and Chromium webview
Date Wed, 11 Dec 2013 15:33:00 GMT
On Wed, Dec 11, 2013 at 7:03 AM, Michal Mocny <> wrote:
> TLDR before we get too excited: Js perf seems a huge win, but at the moment
> html canvas is not gpu accelerated, so canvas based apps are actually not
> doing so well.  This is known and high priority for chrome-webview team,
> though I am not at all sure if it can be fixed in a minor patch of android
> 4.4.

Goodbye old broken webview, hello new slightly less broken webview.
We knew that things would be perfect, but there's some definite
improvements, which shouldn't be understated.  Also, I would consider
KitKat to be rushed, since there's a lot of other even more broken
things happening outside the webview (like gallery encoding

> There are several crbugs going into specific details and user complaints if
> you want to read them (the comments section of the above blog post is a
> good start).

We've encountered bugs with JQueryMobile (which we can't submit back
to Chromium, because saying JQueryMobile broke your shit isn't
helpful), and bugs with text fields and the onchange event on text
fields not working due to some broken autocomplete code so far (which
I have submitted) .  These break any sort of input validation done in
JS.  This Chrome is better, but there's still some serious breakage,
and I hope that Chrome can get updated in a minor release like 4.4.3
and not have to wait for 4.5 or 5.0 to be brought up a few versions.

> If you want to have a canvas based app in 4.4 that doesn't completely suck,
> be very careful which what resolution your canvas is set to, perhaps opting
> to leave it in the default low-res css-pixel size mode.  This seems to be
> especially biting for cordova apps right now, since they by default run
> with targetSDK < 19, which leave chrome-webview in quirks mode where
> target-densityDpi is still respected, and apparently our cordova hello
> world templates set that wrong by default (or at least interact poorly with
> the state of 4.4 webview, I haven't finished investigating that part).

We don't run in quirks mode anymore, and we all knew that
target-densityDpi was going to be left by the wayside, since this was
a WebKit change that happened far before "The Great Forking".

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