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From Ross Gerbasi <>
Subject Re: Google Glass Support
Date Tue, 24 Dec 2013 14:46:00 GMT
Alright nevermind on the variable thing. this is starting to shape up. you
can run it like this

cordova plugin add ~/Desktop/Google\ Glass\ Cordova/dev/cordova-glass-core/
--variable VOICE_COMMAND='wazzup cordova'

Still need a way to modify an attribute or get the android:name...

On Tue, Dec 24, 2013 at 8:38 AM, Ross Gerbasi <> wrote:

> Ok progress on all this, creating the resource files was actually really
> easy, also modifying the manifest is working great. The only thing left is
> trying to either modify an attribute of a config file or having access to
> the value of android:name= on the existing activity. Anyone have any ideas
> on how I could do either of those things?
> Lastly is there anyway to pass in a variable that plugin XML can use? I
> would like the user to be able to do something like cordova plugin add
> [URL] [VOICE_COMMAND]  where voice command is the string they wish to say
> to open the application. Any ideas? thanks!
> Also chime in on the name of this plugin if you have any opinion :)
> On Tue, Dec 24, 2013 at 8:22 AM, Ross Gerbasi <> wrote:
>> I really do like the idea of using the plugin XML, I think Axel has a
>> good start but as mentioned is there a way to handle xml resources via a
>> plugin? I need to copy a couple files (or write some xml) into the
>> resources folder then I also need to make an addition to strings.xml in the
>> values resources.
>> Lastly it would be nice to be able to add the intent to an existing
>> activity instead of having to create an activity just for glass. The
>> template for android already has the activity I wish to run I just need to
>> change the intent for it. Otherwise is there anyway to get the name of the
>> current activity for use in my own?
>> I guess it would be nice if the plugin could have more then just
>> plugin.xml, possible a node script that also ran that would allow me to
>> actually do modifications myself?
>> Finally if I do go through with the plugin setup what do you all think
>> about names for these plugins. Should it be something like
>> cordova-glass-core which then opens the potential to have
>> cordova-glass-voice, cordova-glass-camera, etc?
>> Dan - I already have a working hook, but it all feels dirty. It is an
>> after_platform_add hook that then modifies your android project. It just
>> doesn't feel clean doing it this way, a plugin would be much nicer.
>> -ross
>> On Tue, Dec 24, 2013 at 7:05 AM, Dan Moore <> wrote:
>>> Hi Ross.
>>> Wow, this will be really cool!
>>> You can manipulate the Android manifest and listen for intents with a
>>> plugin.  See this example plugin.xml that does so:
>>> Some of the limits of plugins right now (unless things have radically
>>> changed since I looked at them in Cordova 3.0):
>>> * you cannot remove nodes from an xml file
>>> * you cannot change values or attributes of xml file nodes
>>> * you can't modify any other kind of file.
>>> If you need to do any of the above kind of file manipulation, you should
>>> use a hook.  But I don't know a way to include a hook into a plugin.
>>> --
>>> Dan Moore

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