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From Ross Gerbasi <>
Subject Re: Google Glass Support
Date Tue, 24 Dec 2013 04:35:40 GMT
So do you suggest trying to do this as a plugin? Or is that pretty much a
no go until we can work with intents via a plugin?

I am not also sure what you mean by the main launcher intent. I am using
IntelliJ IDEA and the debugger waits until i launch the app on Glass
automatically via voice or the menu. So I just run in debug mode and then
launch my app, it then hooks itself up.

On Mon, Dec 23, 2013 at 10:06 PM, Joe Bowser <> wrote:

> On Mon, Dec 23, 2013 at 7:56 PM, Andrew Grieve <>
> wrote:
> > Neat stuff!
> >
> > If possible, it would definitely be neat to make glass work more
> > out-of-the-box with Cordova. I'm totally unfamiliar with what tweaks are
> > necessary to make it work though.
> >
> > One thing that's possible already is to use a custom template. This is
> the
> > 4th parameter to the create command - a path to a directory to use as the
> > project template.
> >
> > Would be awesome if all of the tweaks could be done via a cordova plugin.
> > Plugins have the <config-file> tag, which allows you to edit XML
> (although
> > limited) on plugin install time.
> >
> I've done some work with this on this PoC here:
> The thing that we have to consider is that plugins don't have to just
> be confined to a single class.  There's nothing that says
> that plugins can't move resource files, add node scripts or add Java
> classes other than ones descended from  The only
> tricky bit that I see is that we're needing to modify the
> AndroidManifest.xml to handle the VOICE_TRIGGER intent, which is
> required so that when you say "Ok Glass", it does something.
> The other thing is that you want to keep the main launcher intent for
> debugger purposes, because otherwise you'll have to manually add code
> to listen for the debugger after you say "OK Glass".
> As far as whether it should be its own platform in the CLI, that whole
> argument is for CLI people to discuss.
> Joe
> >
> >
> > On Mon, Dec 23, 2013 at 10:43 PM, Ross Gerbasi <>
> wrote:
> >
> >> Hello All,
> >>
> >> I have been working on Google Glass support for Cordova and hit a wall.
> I
> >> am looking for some guidance/advice on how to proceed. There are a
> couple
> >> things that I need to deal with but I will start with just creating the
> >> proper project. I have a feeling this will not only be about google
> glass
> >> but a issue we will come across later.
> >>
> >> Essentially in order to make this happen I need to modify
> >> AndroidManifest.xml and add some resources to the project. Ideally This
> >> would be a custom template of some kind for an android project. Possibly
> >> running a command like "cordova platform add android glass". The other
> >> option is to just modify the existing android project after it has been
> >> added, this seems messy though and a problem if the user trashes the
> >> android project they have to remember to run whatever command modifies
> the
> >> project for glass again.
> >>
> >> Once I am able to get a basic project together for Glass the next thing
> is
> >> events. In order to get touch pad events into the webview it requires a
> bit
> >> of tweaking, so I need some java code to handle this. I am not sure if
> this
> >> should be a plugin or not. It seems like it should not be a plugin as it
> >> really is essential for the project to even really work. I could then
> see
> >> voice as a plugin?
> >>
> >> Currently I am planning on making a 3rd party node package that you
> would
> >> run against your project. Something like "cordova-glass
> >> that would then check for an android project, create it if needed, then
> >> modify it for glass. It would add the voice trigger to start your app
> and
> >> such. If it already exists it will just make the tweaks needed. This
> will
> >> at least get the ball rolling and allow people to start building apps
> >> pretty easily, then maybe we can find a more efficient way to create the
> >> project for users?
> >>
> >> Anyways I would love for anyone to chime in, I will be cranking away on
> >> this but any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
> >>
> >> -ross
> >>

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