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From purplecabbage <>
Subject Re: Plugins Release Tomorrow
Date Thu, 19 Dec 2013 06:40:30 GMT
I have not. Someone needs to test the impact on windows phone before releasing this. I am away
until the new year, so I cannot. 

Merry ho ho !

Sent from my iPhone

> On Dec 18, 2013, at 7:43 PM, Ian Clelland <> wrote:
> I think the file plugin is good -- we should be bumping the major with this
> one.
> Has anyone else had a chance to test it out?
> We should coordinate reverting 692f1fb with the push of file 1.0 to npm;
> I'm not sure how the timing on that works, but I'd like the pushed version
> of file-transfer to explicitly depend on the new version of file.
> On Wed, Dec 18, 2013 at 10:13 PM, Andrew Grieve <>wrote:
>> I'd like to do one in order to add all of the doc/ files to
>> master branches. Lots of other things in there as well:
>> agrieve@agrieve-macbookpro ~/git/cordova$ ./cordova-coho/coho repo-status
>> -r plugins -b dev --branch2 master --no-diff | grep -v CB-5658 | grep -v
>> 5565
>> ./cordova-plugin-camera/ ===== cordova-plugin-camera on branch dev (vs
>> master): Commits exist.
>> 2437c40 CB-2442 CB-2419 Use
>> Windows.Storage.ApplicationData.current.localFolder, instead of writing to
>> app package.
>> ccd59e6 [BlackBerry10] Adding platform level permissions
>> 6f4fef8 CB-5599 Android: Catch and ignore OutOfMemoryError in
>> getRotatedBitmap()
>> ./cordova-plugin-device/ ===== cordova-plugin-device on branch dev (vs
>> master): Commits exist.
>> 695272e CB-5504: Moving Telephony Logic out of Device
>> ./cordova-plugin-dialogs/ ==== cordova-plugin-dialogs on branch dev (vs
>> master): Commits exist.
>> b44c138 move images from css to img
>> 96c5fa7 CB-3762 Change prompt default to empty string
>> ./cordova-plugin-file-transfer/ = cordova-plugin-file-transfer on branch
>> dev (vs master): Commits exist.
>> 692f1fb Remove @1 designation from file plugin dependency until pushed to
>> npm
>> 647dad7 CB-5466: Update to work with filesystem URLs
>> ./cordova-plugin-file/ ======= cordova-plugin-file on branch dev (vs
>> master): Commits exist.
>> eb28b7a CB-5403: Backwards-compatibility with file:// urls where possible
>> a2b9073 CB-5407: Fixes for ContentFilesystem
>> 83a867c Android: Add method for testing backwards-compatibility of
>> filetransfer plugin
>> 4c44780 iOS: Add method for testing backwards-compatiblity of filetransfer
>> plugin
>> 6f52e3b Android: Updates to allow FileTransfer to continue to work
>> 6d0dad6 Android: Clean up unclosed file objects
>> 0a6adf0 Merge branch "android-file" into dev
>> 2550617 CB-5407: Cleanup
>> 9f3bb54 CB-5407: Add new Android source files to plugin.xml
>> ed4a8d7 CB-5407: Move read, write and truncate methods into modules
>> 4859149 CB-5407: Move copy/move methods into FS modules
>> 02e82a5 CB-5407: Move getParent into FS modules
>> 06725c2 CB-5407: Move getmetadata methods into FS modules
>> 85945d8 CB-5407: Move readdir methods into FS modules
>> 919f99f CB-5407: Move remove methods into FS modules
>> 0d0af8f CB-5407: Move getFile into FS modules
>> 30988f7 CB-5407: Start refactoring android code: Modular filesystems, rfs,
>> rlfsurl
>> 225c905 CB-5407: Update android JS to use FS urls
>> 7872b9c CB-5532 Fix
>> cd7d925 CB-5405: Use URL formatting for Entry.toURL
>> 95677c4 Log file path for File exceptions.
>> 6b0ab74 Partial fix for iOS File compatibility with previous fileTransfer
>> plugin
>> 86f3446 Merge branch 'CB-5532' of
>> into dev
>> e0f59bd Merge branch 'CB-5531' of
>> into dev
>> ef636d9 CB-5532 WP8. Add binary data support to FileWriter
>> f2f22ab CB-5531 WP8. File Api readAsText incorrectly handles position args
>> 9a5278b added ubuntu support
>> bb626c6 Merge branch 'dev' of
>> into dev
>> 093b084 CB-5118 [BlackBerry10] Add check for undefined error handler
>> 5a1a7a2 [ubuntu] use cordova/exec/proxy
>> 5a4d9ad CB-5406: Extend public API for dependent plugins
>> 8d7e261 CB-5403: Bump File plugin major version
>> 7bb3977 CB-5406: Split iOS file plugin into modules
>> 64187ca CB-5406: Factor out filesystem providers in iOS
>> b8c4f85 CB-5408: Add handler for filesystem:// urls
>> b3b6a83 CB-5406: Update iOS native code to use filesystem URLs internally
>> 1dfdf0f CB-5405: Update JS code to use URLs exclusively
>> 43c901a CB-4816 Fix file creation outside sandbox for BB10
>> ab9de01 [ubuntu] change location of persistent dir
>> 396cbeb 1. Added amazon-fireos platform 2. Change to use amazon-fireos as
>> a platform is the user agent string contains 'cordova-amazon-fireos'
>> ca2c4e2 CB-5188:
>> af8d7c2 add ubuntu platform
>> ./cordova-plugin-geolocation/ = cordova-plugin-geolocation on branch dev
>> (vs master): Commits exist.
>> 179993f windows8. adds missing reference to PositionError (w/o it the app
>> crashes)
>> 2ecd9d1 Removing incorrectly added closing comments for wp7 platform in
>> plugin.xml
>> ./cordova-plugin-inappbrowser/ = cordova-plugin-inappbrowser on branch dev
>> (vs master): Commits exist.
>> f75b308 CB-5594 Add disallowoverscroll option.
>> 25d152b CB-5595 Rename "toolbarbarpostion" -> "toolbarposition"
>> 4aeaf81 CB-5595 Fixed the positioning and autoresizing for certain
>> rotation scenarios.
>> 20611ef CB-5595 Add toolbarposition=top option.
>> e819041 Apply CB-5193 to InAppBrowser
>> 034b599 CB-5593 iOS: Make InAppBrowser localizable
>> f448ce8 CB-5591 Change window.escape to encodeURIComponent
>> ./cordova-plugin-media/ ====== cordova-plugin-media on branch dev (vs
>> master): Commits exist.
>> f894347 Adding READ_PHONE_STATE to the plugin permissions
>> ./cordova-plugin-media-capture/ = cordova-plugin-media-capture on branch
>> dev (vs master): Commits exist.
>> 7184efe CB-5517 Fix the audio capture IO exception by putting it in a
>> runnable
>> 6e29860 CB-5569 Windows8. MediaFile constructor does not exist
>> ./cordova-plugin-splashscreen/ = cordova-plugin-splashscreen on branch dev
>> (vs master): Commits exist.
>> d799eda Handle error when splash image is missing.
>> Ian - How are you feeling about file plugin?

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