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From Piotr Zalewa <>
Subject [Contacts] Tests and FFOS plugin
Date Fri, 20 Dec 2013 13:58:09 GMT
I've added FFOS support

I needed to modify the tests as well to make it work under FFOS
FFOS Contacts API requires the app to by "privilleged" which bans inline 

I've been working on automated tests only. Test 21 was depending on test 
20. I modified test 20 so it's deleting the gContactObj.
21 is now testing returned (from save) fields like addresses, 
organizations and categories.

I haven't yet updated the manual test and it isn't working well yet.
I haven't yet added quirks to the docs, it's gonna happen soon.

It would be good if someone would check if the tests are working on 
other devices. Thanks.
Piotr Zalewa

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