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From Josh Soref <>
Subject Unicode and XML files
Date Tue, 26 Nov 2013 15:31:37 GMT

I have three pull requests which I haven’t actually submitted:
BlackBerry [1], Cli [2], Plugman [3]

Windows for historical reasons doesn’t default to treating text files as UTF-8. Instead
files are typically treated as Latin-1 or some other random historical encoding. If you want
a file to be treated by your typical Windows program as UTF-8, you are expected to insert
the UTF-8 version of the Unicode BOM at the start of the file.

Per ConfigurationFiles [4], CLI and Plugman take a user authored config.xml and generate a
platform one (actually, the documentation there claims that only Plugman does so, but my work
[2] indicates that CLI also does so occasionally…). That file is then used by platform code
[1] and it could also be opened by the user (when there’s a problem).

Since Windows editors (including Eclipse on Windows [5]…) don’t use UTF-8 by default,
the results can be fairly random or at least inconsistent with expectations.

I’m not absolutely certain that I like my patch set, I could probably get away with only
doing [1], but it feels like the right behavior for a parser would be to honor the input format
when producing output, I.e. If there were a BOM in the user’s config.xml, produce a BOM
in the generated one…



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