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From Jonathan Bond-Caron <>
Subject RE: HTML 5 platform
Date Tue, 05 Nov 2013 21:35:32 GMT
On Mon Nov 4 11:00 AM, Josh Soref wrote:
> > Any thoughts on adding html5 as a platform?
> Fil mentioned Ripple. While not endorsing it, have you tried it?
> Ripple is more or less what you want. It's a JavaScript shim to which you can
> deploy. It should also include API support for sensors and other features.

I just installed Ripple as a chrome extension. 
There still seems to be something missing to test rendering differences between Webkit browsers
& IE 10, Firefox, while using only some of the basic Cordova apis.

Ripple looks great for emulation but doesn't help for cross-browser/platform testing &

With the workflow:
a) Develop HTML5 app
b) Test on Webkit, IE10, Firefox
c) Import into Cordova
d) Deploy on devices (Windows 8, Android, iOS, Blackberry, ...)

For (d) Eclipse, Visual Studio, Xcode, Ripple, Cordova cli, ..? 

An example: Deploy on a Windows 8 device and the CSS doesn't work (e.g. flexbox), debug in
Visual Studio then back at step (a) to port the changes.

Merging steps (a), (b), (c) into a single 'browser/html5' platform to do iterative testing/debugging
would be a win.

In that sense, the 'browser/html5' platform would be the smallest subset of features that
works consistently across all platforms:
- localStorage
- XMLHttpRequest
- JavaScript only plugins / shims

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