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From Jonathan Bond-Caron <>
Subject RE: <plugins> tag, and accessing the plugin list
Date Thu, 14 Nov 2013 20:09:08 GMT
On Thu Nov 14 01:44 PM, Andrew Grieve wrote:
> I'm going to attempt to summarize in point form:
> Goal:
>  - Make available the list of installed plugins and their versions to native side &
> side.
>  - Needed by App Harness to know whether an app is compatible with its
> bundled set of plugins.
> Using cordova_plugins.js:
>  - It doesn't have the information that we need
>  - We could add the extra information, but not easily since the file exports an
> array instead of an object.
>  - This file is not currently parsed by the native layer, so having the info here
> would be an extra IO on start-up.

Great summary :)

Is it difficult to rename ' cordova_plugins.js' to something more broad 'cordova_meta.js',
' cordova_loader.js', 'cordova_boot.js' and using an object?
Since it's generated code, first impression is there's no BC issue other than doing another

Doesn't seem like there's a way to avoid the extra IO on the native side (e.g. cordova_meta.js).
If the detailed list of installed plugins is in xml, how will the JS side access it?

Broader problem is there's no single cordova meta file that's shared between native &
js. Considering that on some platforms, there's only JavaScript, putting the information in
JSON seems like a good move. 

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