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From Josh Soref <>
Subject Re: Review Request 15286: Cordova 2.9.1 release blog post
Date Thu, 07 Nov 2013 00:20:01 GMT
>The [Apache Cordova]( team has just released Cordova 2.9.1.
> Wait what!?

The complaint is correct.
- ?! Please. 

> You read right!
> We have backported some bug fixes to the Cordova 2 series for all of you that

- s/that/who/ ? 

> haven't upgraded to the Cordova 3 series yet.

> Hurray! Among other fixes, this release backports iOS 7 support.

I don't think "backports" here is useful to your audience. And it‎ is duplicative of the
heading. Just say "adds". 

> Users can download the source zip from 

- s/Users/Developers/‎

> We will continue to backport fixes for a few more months,

- s/We/While we/

> but highly suggest upgrading to the Cordova 3 series.

- s/but/but we/
> ‎For a full list of changes, refer to included in the download.

- s/download/zip file/‎
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