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From Jonathan Bond-Caron <>
Subject RE: audit of configuration
Date Fri, 15 Nov 2013 16:10:52 GMT
On Fri Nov 15 09:28 AM, Josh Soref wrote:
> Jonathan wrote:
> > You should add:
> I'll add it to the wiki if no one beats me to it.
> Please feel free to edit this page or any other. If you don't have the wiki edit bit,
> just send an email here with your account name and someone will give you the
> bit.

Thanks, who to ping? account 'jbondc'

> > Another use case to consider for more cordova metadata:
> > cordova add language fr
> I'm new here, is that actually supported? I don't recall seeing it in the
> documentation. (I'm well aware that the documentation needs work.)

It's not supported, I'll create a wiki page ;)

I'm not sure if it would fit into the globalization plugin or as a separate i18n plugin:
i18n plugin (language bundles)

i18n.loadData('fr_CA'); // either javascript mapping or exec() query for translation

Consider default cordova error messages:

It would be nice to ship with default i18n bundles that translate these messages. It's quite
a large scope but something I have experience with.
What I'm thinking is 'add language' would add the i18n plugin + install language bundle for
that platform.

It's something to consider for the configuration & cordova metadata.  

E.g. On windows 8, 'plugman' could insert:
    <Resource Language="en">
    <Resource Language="fr">

cli still has several 'gaps' to be fully useful. 

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