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From "Smith, Peter" <>
Subject RE: Tagging 3.1.0 today?
Date Tue, 01 Oct 2013 05:46:13 GMT
Don't know if this is related to the 'leaking docs' scenario, but FYI
when we fetched the official 3.0 source zip download yesterday we saw
there are some inconsistencies between the doc files in the and in the plugin zips. For example, compare the file in and in Which
one is the "correct" one?


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From: Marcel Kinard [] 
Sent: Tuesday, 1 October 2013 2:16 PM
Subject: Re: Tagging 3.1.0 today?

I noticed that cordova-docs wasn't tagged or branched at the same time
the platforms were branched into 3.1.x for rc1. This seems to leave open
the possibility for docs from platforms/plugins master (post 3.1.0) to
leak into the 3.1.0 docs. I realize that cordova-docs won't get branched
because of its internal directory structure, but I'm wondering if in the
future it would be wise to go ahead and do the equivalent of running
"rake version[3.1.0]" at the time that the 3.1.x branch is created. Then
during the rc period, docs would behave just like platforms where
changes would need to be put on 2 branches [master and 3.1.x] / doc
versions [edge and 3.1.x].


On Oct 1, 2013, at 12:05 AM, Marcel Kinard <> wrote:

> I believe the docs are now done.
> The only thing left to do is to change the pointer to use this new
> On Sep 30, 2013, at 4:43 PM, Andrew Grieve <>
>> Marcel - one big thing that hasn't happened yet is docs.

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