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From Ray Camden <>
Subject Some plugin questions
Date Mon, 21 Oct 2013 21:12:30 GMT
>From the Cordova blog, there was an announcement of updated plugins
including one for Android WebSQL. The blog entry ends with:

"You can check out the individual release notes in each of the plugin
repos for more details."

But if you browse at the registry, like here:

I do not see any links to the repo for the plugin. Both links are just to
straight downloads. Would it make sense to add a link to the source code
repo as well?

Also, org.apache.cordova.websql does not seem to be here, What is the expectation for a
user to figure out if he or she needs this particular plugin? I seem to
remember some posts on this list about issues w/ Android and WebSQL, so I
*assume* this is the fix for it, but I don't see how a random folk would
know this. Nothing is noted here either:

So I rambled a bit - sorry. I guess two main questions/suggestions:

1) Should the plugin repository have a better link back to the source?
(Maybe it does and I didn't see it.)

2) Should there be some warning in the core Storage docs about
Android/WebSQL (if I'm remembering right).

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