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From David Kemp <>
Subject Re: Medic status and plans
Date Thu, 10 Oct 2013 13:06:26 GMT
More info...

The system I am using uses buildbot which has a master controller that
provides a web interface, moitors the git repos and generally manages
things. When it detects a need for a build, it communicates with
build-slaves to run the tests and report back.

The build master is typically run on a linux box. It seems happy there, but
should run on a Windows machine - I have never tried, but the docs says it
The build slaves can run on other machines and OSs (including Windows) as
required to run tests.
If you are building iOS, that slave must be a Mac. If you are building
Windows, it probably needs to be a Windows slave.

Buildbot is written (and configured) in Python.

The test results are written to a couchDB on every run. You can inspect the
DB and find out exactly which component versions were used and the detailed
test results.

Plans (mine at least):

Get the  test output viewable by the community. We are very close to having
our test master available on a public IP so anyone can see the current
state. It is my hope that as more people run CI systems, we can aggregate
the views on so all platforms are easily viewed. This should
include a tidy dashboard to look at the couchDB aggregate data.

Make the test more plugin-based. The previous medic system did sed-style
editing of files to insert some of the automated test elements.
I recent made a change to mobilespec to support a medic plugin to make the
insertion of testing a bit smoother. That is not being used yet in the test
system because it does not exist in release 3.1. A rough plugin exists in
the repo.

Move the medic deploy bits to simpler scripts that are just command line
methods to run the package in debug/attached mode.

Hope that helps.
There are several other people interested in or using this or similar
systems. Please jump in...

David Kemp

On Thu, Oct 10, 2013 at 3:08 AM, Sergey Grebnov (Akvelon) <> wrote:

> Hi guys,
> I would like to contribute to Medic project by adding Windows platforms
> support (Windows 8, Windows Phone 8).  After reviewing related discussion
> threads and project status I have the following questions. Could someone
> clarify them?
> 1. The main repo[1] seems to be not active at all (last commit was 6
> months ago).  I also see special ticket with done status to create official
> repo, but new repo is not active too.
> 2. Don't see any issue/task for Medic component in Jira.
> 3. Medic future is unclear. Fil Maj (Medic lead) has recently moved to
> saucelabs . Who drives this direction right now? Will we  continue
> contributing to Medic project or there will be a different project used for
> test authomation (Appium)?
> 4. Are there plans or (anyone is already looking)  on adding WP8, W8
> support? Are there any known technical restrictions or issues here? The
> only big difference I see is that it should run on Windows instead of Mac
> OS.
> 5. Currently Medic uses own logic to install builds on devices (cordova
> cli already provides this functionality). Are there plans to change this
> (running Medic on top of cordova cli)?
> 6. To get test results Medic previously used special logs/trace parsing so
> that final results were pushed to db from PC, NOT directly from mobile test
> app installed on a device. Do you plan to change this behavior?
> [1]
> Thank you,
> Sergey Grebnov

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