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From Carlos Santana <>
Subject Re: config.xml discussion, we need to talk
Date Thu, 17 Oct 2013 17:31:21 GMT
I meant in addition of ".cordova/lib" also allow also to do something like
 "cordova platform add ios --path="./cordova_components/cordova-ios"

On Thu, Oct 17, 2013 at 1:28 PM, Carlos Santana <>wrote:

> ++1  "to install from a given directory instead of .cordova/libs."
> On Thu, Oct 17, 2013 at 12:10 PM, Viras <>wrote:
>> This might be true - it took me quite some time to figure out how the CLI
>> actually works - despite also having to fix one or two bugs for the WPX
>> implementation of the CLI code (as well as the Windows 8 CLI code). But
>> still I would hate to see the CLI go, since I think once you are used to
>> it, it saves you quite a lot of time (I still have those old documents
>> which guide me through the setup of the IDE projects for the different
>> platforms - which is now mostly obsolete).
>> So I guess supporting both methods is the way to go... :)
>> Best,
>> Wolfgang
>> Am 2013-10-17 16:13, schrieb Michal Mocny:
>>  Thanks so much for chiming in, I'm very happy to see that you've figured
>>> out how to leverage the benefits and avoid the drawbacks of the new
>>> workflow, and that it has led to increased productivity for you.
>>> I do think that perhaps it is still too difficult for every developer to
>>> learn what you already have.
>>> -Michal
>>> On Thu, Oct 17, 2013 at 12:13 AM, Viras <>
>>> wrote:
>>>  my view on this discussion:
>>>> I've used the CLI to release the latest version of GOFG Sports Computer
>>>> for Windows Phone. The support for the "merges" directory is a fantastic
>>>> feature which allows me to focus on the javascript code using e.g. the
>>>> NetBeans IDE - I can finally handle all my platform specific code from
>>>> JavaScript in one consistent directory structure - which is what Cordova
>>>> should be about.
>>>> In addition the CLI forces you to write clean code (not implying that
>>>> the
>>>> other method forces to write messy code). If you need something native
>>>> write a clean plugin for it (which also makes the code reusable) - no
>>>> need
>>>> to mess around in the native projects code - this also makes upgrading
>>>> cordova much easier.
>>>> Once I've done the Windows Phone version I've simply added Android as a
>>>> platform, build it and I was done - no need for fiddling around with
>>>> SDK /
>>>> IDE setup etc (besides actually installing it). So CLI is my favorite
>>>> way
>>>> to develop now - and it is far more powerful than the old approach (in
>>>> my
>>>> opinion) - since it saves you from fiddling around with project
>>>> settings,
>>>> etc. when you do a multi-platform release.
>>>> Oh yes - and GOFG SC uses two custom plugins, 5 official plugins and
>>>> cordova 3.0 - so it is a bit beyond the "Hello World" application....
>>>> And I do not agree that it isn't possible to work with the native IDEs
>>>> with their own projects - this is simply wrong since you can always go
>>>> to
>>>> the "platforms" directory and open the platform-projects using their
>>>> native
>>>> IDE from there (I've done this myself for e.g. plugin development).
>>>> Still I agree that both versions should be supported - but don't make
>>>> the
>>>> assumption that the CLI is for "n00bs" only!
>>>> Best,
>>>> Wolfgang
>>>> Am 2013-10-16 23:11, schrieb Joe Bowser:
>>>>  On Wed, Oct 16, 2013 at 1:37 PM, Michal Mocny <>
>>>>> wrote:
>>>>>  Anis: Totally agrees, but its important to highlight that both
>>>>>> directions
>>>>>> for that arguments hold.  We've done our best to support bin/ scripts
>>>>>> post
>>>>>> 3.0, yet blanket statements like "CLI should not be used with IDE",
>>>>>> "CLI
>>>>>> sucks unless you just doing something trivial" are being thrown
>>>>>> around,
>>>>>> which are harmful in my opinion, and I don't think its fair that
>>>>>> of
>>>>>> us
>>>>>> are promoting that message to users.
>>>>>>  I don't think we're communicating with our users at all, so I don't
>>>>> see how this could be communicated.  When users communicate their
>>>>> frustrations, it's usually something like this
>>>>> (****config-xml-changes-for-ios-**<**config-xml-changes-for-ios-**>
>>>>> and-android/#comment-10731<htt**p://**
>>>>> xml-changes-for-ios-and-**android/#comment-10731<>
>>>>> >
>>>>> )
>>>>> and this
>>>>> (****introducing-cordova-3-0-0-for-****<**introducing-cordova-3-0-0-for-**>
>>>>> android/#comment-10694<http://****
>>>>> cordova-3-0-0-for-android/#**comment-10694<>
>>>>> >
>>>>> ).
>>>>>  CLI works well for me, and while its not perfect, I strive to learn
>>>>> its
>>>>>> limitations and make it better, not condemn it.
>>>>> I avoid it because it's not developed for me, or developers like me
>>>>> who like to see a big pile of output when things fail.  I avoided
>>>>> having any part in its development because I thought it was the wrong
>>>>> way to do things.  I assumed that the majority of users actually
>>>>> wanted this and that I should do my best to work around this, but with
>>>>> the backlash that we're getting, such as the blog posts and some
>>>>> comments on the Google Groups, it seems that this is a feature very
>>>>> few people actually wanted.
>>>>>  As far as the CordovaWebView use case, I actually have never tried
>>>>> that.
>>>>>>  Has anyone bothered to make sure it works well post-3.0, or does
>>>>>> have
>>>>>> a point that we missed addressing this?
>>>>> We have JUnit unit tests in the Android repository to make sure that
>>>>> this still works.  However, I would like to see this test case
>>>>> revisited since it may be more appropriate to have CordovaActivity be
>>>>> inherited instead of CordovaInterface, or for both to be supported.
>>>>> This is so that we can make more hybrid applications and deal with the
>>>>> fact that we're so brutally non-complaint with Android UI guidelines
>>>>> instead of just ignoring it.  I'll probably bring this up and present
>>>>> more source code when it's ready to explain why we need this feature
>>>>> in the next couple of weeks, and why it's important to respect the
>>>>> platform, even when the platform doesn't respect the web.
>>>> --
>>>> GOFG - Get On Fat Guy
>>>> - powered by Cordova
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>> GOFG - Get On Fat Guy
>> - powered by Cordova
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> Carlos Santana
> <>

Carlos Santana

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