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From Brian>
Subject Re: Cordova non-CLI development (was: Re: Updating plugin code on prepare)
Date Tue, 08 Oct 2013 16:32:04 GMT
Plugman is intended to work directly on native projects (and Cordova CLI
should delegate all plugin related things to it). If this is not the case
you have found a bug!

On Tue, Oct 8, 2013 at 9:12 AM, Tyler Wilson <> wrote:

> So, I was trying to use the Cordova CLI for a real project, using Xcode.
> As Anis says below, this should not be done. I tried to adjust things to
> make it more palatable, but having to go back to a console window to
> 'cordova prepare iOS' every time to copy the files and have it reset my
> project view got old real fast.
> So today I thought I would go back to the 'old' way of things - bin/create
> (--shared and --arc in my case). I cloned the latest Cordova iOS, cd to bin
> and do a create command of a test project. Load up the Xcode project file
> and runs fine. Now the issue: as Anis says below: "You should be creating a
> native project and using plugman instead". So I cd to my project and try to
> 'plugman install org.apache.cordova.console' so I can get my console.log
> working. Problem is that it appears to be designed for the new platform
> layout, and the bin/create script does not create it that way.
> So, what is the currently recommended method to add plugins to a
> bin/create-d native project? It would be great if it worked, but I have a
> bad feeling...
> Thank you,
> Tyler
> >>
> >>
> >> On Sep 26, 2013, at 6:11 PM, Anis KADRI <> wrote:
> >>
> >>> @purplecabbage: I have the same workflow but I think the proposed
> >>> solution is a step in the right direction. It would allow us to easily
> >>> develop platform plugins without having to delete project/create
> >>> project/install plugin/uninstall plugin constantly. The plugin would
> >>> be packaged (plugin.xml) from day 1 and one can only focus on
> >>> development.
> >>>
> >>> As far as IDEs, the answer is simple. You should not use IDEs and
> >>> cordova-cli at the same time. Until IDEs are aware of cordova-cli
> >>> there is no point in creating projects with cordova-cli because
> >>> everything gets blown on every build. I am not even sure we can make
> >>> Xcode aware of cordova-cli. We've already talked about this prior to
> >>> the 3.0 release and that is why we have the create scripts and plugman
> >>> approach. You should not be using cordova-cli either if you're doing
> >>> some custom native dev that can't be pluginized (changing the main
> >>> or AppDelegate.m or whatever). If you're using
> >>> cordova-cli just to create a project and then open an IDE to develop,
> >>> you're probably doing it wrong. You should be creating a native
> >>> project and using plugman instead.

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