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From Ivan Baktsheev <>
Subject cordova 3.1 hackability
Date Sun, 13 Oct 2013 05:46:15 GMT
Hi everyone!

I propose to fix three issues as soon as possible and make sure this was released. Cordova
is not ideal and sometimes I don't have so much time to write a proper fix (or someone from
cordova team have no time to fix and release). So, hooks mechanism absolutely needs to be

What issues:
1) CB-4604 has merged to master, but is not available as released cordova-cli version;
2) CB-4866 not merged, but is flagged as fixed;
3) CB-4382 not fixed


In september we released G20 Summit mobile app using cordova 3.0 and this was very painful

Splashes, icons, cleanup, wp8 and bb10 fixes just to build project properly — probably 1/10
of project time was taken by fixing cordova. Some of my patches fix things in wrong place
(, some is available as a hook (CB-3571).

Just today i have seen another bug: asset from plugin is not added to the wp7 project and
app fails.

I can write a proper fix on tuesday. Because of a time zone difference, my patch would be
applied in wednesday. Released as cordova-cli version? I don't know. But i need to get it
work just now. Adding those patches allows me to move forward.

thank you,
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