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From Kerri Shotts <>
Subject Re: replacing webviews
Date Tue, 08 Oct 2013 15:44:03 GMT
Pretty sure Apple would frown on this and reject the apps out-of-hand, seeing as they don't
permit any third party browser to use anything but the built-in rendering engine. (Opera Mini
is a special case here - last I knew it was essentially doing the rendering back-end and passing
the image to the user, which means no on-device rendering at all). 

Plus, don't forget the increase in app sizes such a thing would bring -- it's not as critical
now that Apple lets users on cellular download apps up to 100mb, but still something to think

All that said, iOS 7 has done some good things and some really lousy things wrt to the web
views. Sigh. :-(

Kerri Shotts
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> On Oct 8, 2013, at 10:19, Jacob Robbins <> wrote:
> Going through the iOS7 upgrade with my Cordova app (2.9) I found some
> unpleasant surprises with fixed footers. The changes to mobile Safari are
> great for browsing websites but not good for HTML5 apps.
> This made me wonder, has there been discussion of integrating a full mobile
> browser codebase into Cordova and using that instead of the native webview?
> Mozilla sort of went this way with XUL where you could take their HTML
> engine and use it in a non-browser context.
> Seems to me a lot of usability problems with non-native apps result from
> running them inside the same HTML engine used by the platforms' default
> mobile browser. The native browsers are moving towards features that help
> make regular websites accessible. Being a great virtual machine for
> non-native apps is not a high priority for them.
> Was wondering if this has been discussed and if there's issues that make
> including a full HTML engine in a Cordova app infeasible.
> -Jacob Robbins
> Burn Note

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