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From "Sergey Grebnov (Akvelon)" <>
Subject Medic status and plans
Date Thu, 10 Oct 2013 07:08:27 GMT
Hi guys,

I would like to contribute to Medic project by adding Windows platforms support (Windows 8,
Windows Phone 8).  After reviewing related discussion threads and project status I have the
following questions. Could someone clarify them?

1. The main repo[1] seems to be not active at all (last commit was 6 months ago).  I also
see special ticket with done status to create official repo, but new repo is not active too.

2. Don't see any issue/task for Medic component in Jira.
3. Medic future is unclear. Fil Maj (Medic lead) has recently moved to saucelabs . Who drives
this direction right now? Will we  continue contributing to Medic project or there will be
a different project used for test authomation (Appium)?
4. Are there plans or (anyone is already looking)  on adding WP8, W8 support? Are there any
known technical restrictions or issues here? The only big difference I see is that it should
run on Windows instead of Mac OS.
5. Currently Medic uses own logic to install builds on devices (cordova cli already provides
this functionality). Are there plans to change this (running Medic on top of cordova cli)?

6. To get test results Medic previously used special logs/trace parsing so that final results
were pushed to db from PC, NOT directly from mobile test app installed on a device. Do you
plan to change this behavior?


Thank you,
Sergey Grebnov

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