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From Joe Bowser <>
Subject Cordova JS, CordovaWebView and Coho
Date Wed, 18 Sep 2013 18:35:23 GMT
After I let Andrew do the tagging of RC1, I noticed something that
looks broken by the fact that I can't reproduce this result without
using coho, and I can't find in the source where coho messes with the
build labels.

Now, as well all know, the JS is generated by Grunt.  Assuming that
we're going to be building off the same branch for the JS, we should
all be getting the same JS by doing this:

git checkout 3.1.0-rc1

That produces a JS file with this header:

However, when you look at the JS checked into Android, it's simply just this:

Now, they're the same, but when we remove the hash from the build, we
have to believe that it's the same thing.  What's worse, I can't see
where in coho that we delete the hash from the build label.

I know that this was cited as one of the things that I was doing wrong
with the release process, but I have no idea why it's wrong to have
the hash in the header of the JS, since this is what you get when
manually generate the JS from the tag that is on the CordovaJS
repository.  I think that this process isn't transparent, and I can't
find anywhere in the coho command that messes with this.

Anyone know why one is correct, and one is wrong? This seems pretty subjective.


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