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From Joe Bowser <>
Subject Re: config.xml doc queries
Date Wed, 18 Sep 2013 18:21:44 GMT
On Fri, Sep 13, 2013 at 8:23 AM, Michael Sierra <> wrote:
> I'm doing a bunch of cleanup work on the doc about config.xml
> preferences, and have accumulated a faceful of queries I could use
> some help with. I'm also folding in some parallel PhoneGap Build doc
> where appropriate, but suspect some of it may be out of date. At least
> one preference applies only to remote PhoneGap builds, and not to
> Cordova.  You could save me a lot of time testing & untangling all
> this. I separated them out for those with special expertise with
> iOS/Android/BB platforms. Any other undoc'ed prefs, please let me
> know. Thanks in advance.
> * Some of the doc is unclear. Please confirm that placing an icon.png
>   in the app dir, but without referencing it via <icon> tag, enables
>   it & overrides the default cordova icon.

Cordova Android does not support any <icon> tag in config.xml.

> * Does the splash.png file behave the same way: apply by default, even
>   when not referenced via <gap:splash> tag?

gap:splash is a PhoneGap Build only setting AFAIK.  We have zero
support for <gap:splash> or any other tags for Cordova Android.

> * PhoneGap Build doc lists a splash-screen-duration preference. Does
>   it apply to Cordova, and is it renamed SplashScreenDuration?

It only applies to 3.1.0, and it's totally different.
SplashScreenDelay is what it's actually called.

> * is the useBrowserHistory preference deprecated, as promised would
>   happen in 4/13? The doc explaining what it does is opaque, and I'm
>   inclined to remove it. Otherwise clarify, thanks.

Yes, it's no longer relevant.

> * Unclear when loadingDialog & loadingPageDialog would appear in an
>   app. Any obvious examples? I'm adding an example that reads: "Please
>   wait, the app is loading" (or "data is loading")

loadingDialog is for the first page of the app, loadingPageDialog is
for every page.  I think this should be deprecated, because it doesn't
belong in core.

> * Does the errorUrl page display in response to standard HTTP errors
>   in the 400-500 range?


> * Please confirm the load-url-timeout pref listed in PhoneGap Build
>   doc is superseded by loadUrlTimeoutValue. Also confirm the latter is
>   also expressed in milliseconds and defaults to 20000.

No idea what the PhoneGap Build preference is, but loadUrlTimeoutValue
is how long we give a page to load before we give up and exit the
application.  It is expressed in milliseconds, and defaults to 20000.

> * does keepRunning mean in effect the app continues to execute
>   e.g. following the pause event? Does the pause event still fire?


> * Am unfamiliar with the disallowOverscroll "glow" effect. Are there
>   any obvious examples?

Any application that has lists or a WebView on Android.  If you scroll
to the top or bottom of a list, you will see a "glow" indicating that
you scrolled to the end of the list.

> * Do android-minSdkVersion & android-maxSdkVersion apply to Cordova
>   rather than just PhoneGap Build? Does it work? Is it ReNamed?

They don't apply to Cordova.  This is just a PhoneGap Build setting.

> * Same for android-installLocation.

Also, only a PhoneGap Build setting.  This isn't relevant for Cordova.


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