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From Anis KADRI <>
Subject Re: plugman / cli verbose by default?
Date Wed, 04 Sep 2013 22:33:05 GMT
What is important is to make both quiet and verbose available. I don't
really have a strong opinion on the default. I do have a slight
preference for semi-verbosity by default.

On Wed, Sep 4, 2013 at 2:46 PM, Jonathan Bond-Caron
<> wrote:
> On Wed Sep 4 04:38 PM, Andrew Grieve wrote:
>> You can always use --quiet if you pipe our command and have it not output.
>> Am I missing something about your use-case?
>> We have a practical problem right now in that we get a lot of bad bug reports
>> where we need to tell users to re-run with --verbose. Almost every day in IRC,
>> someone gets told to re-run with --verbose.
> --quiet would be useful
> I think part of the problem is cli should output more useful information and there's
missing 'log levels'.
>> plugin add foo
> Adding foo from
> foo installed!
> Somewhat related,
> require(../plugman).emit('log', 'something');
> Could be changed to
> Logger.log("message"); // default would be "info" level
> Logger.log("doing advanced stuff", "verbose");
> Logger.log("Something bad happened", "error");

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