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From "" <>
Subject RE: cli plugins 'alias'?
Date Tue, 03 Sep 2013 16:57:18 GMT
On Tue Sep 3 10:47 AM, Braden Shepherdson wrote:
> Agreed with Michal. There's actually a third option coming too: we want
> apps
> to be able to name dependencies. So you should be able to copy
> in the mobile-
> spec app, then `cordova plugin add` or whatever the
> syntax becomes, and it will
> install all of the app's dependencies.

I'm less a fan of 'app dependencies', lots of frameworks and ways of thinking about how to
organize an application. Is this a W3C, HTML5 standard?
To me this feels like Cordova would be defining what an app 'is'. That's fine for PhoneGap
or Chrome apps but not necessarily for Cordova, at least the way I view the project. 

Agree with all points of Michal except:

(1) We already have plugin's which support dependencies

Dependencies imply those plugins are 'required', that's not the same use case as an alias
which just expands to a bunch of plugin names.

An alias would make it easy to add plugins with 'no deps' attached. I would see this as part
of the plugin repository discovery. Maybe people could register their own 'aliases':
plugin add @cordova-stuff
plugin add @chrome-stuff 
plugin add @phonegap-stuff

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