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From Ken Wallis <>
Subject RE: About Cordova 3, plugins, and tools
Date Tue, 17 Sep 2013 14:15:51 GMT
Bryan, Jeff, keep me honest here, but there are a few BlackBerry 10 plugins that are almost
(completely?) JS-only plugins.  For example, the BlackBerry 10 web view implements the W3C
file system spec which is mimicked by the Cordova File API. So the BlackBerry 10 Cordova API
for File is really a JS shim for 3.x as well.

Ken Wallis
Senior Product Manager – WebWorks

From: Plaquette, Paul []
Sent: Tuesday, September 17, 2013 9:43 AM
To: dev
Subject: About Cordova 3, plugins, and tools

Hi folks,

I need  help to better understand Cordova 3 plugins in order to upgrade
Cordova Port on Tizen.

Do Cordova 3 plugins have the same structure than PhoneGap Build plugins?

Most platforms supported by Cordova have native plugins (native means
native in the meaning of the host platform, java on android  (can they use
NPK?) Objective C on iOS and so on…)

I saw that communicating with the native side of a plugins is achieve
through a plugin object and a plugin result object

Tizen is mostly JavaScript.

Now the SDK is delivered it appear that we might implement native plug in
in C++ through two mechanism: NPRuntime, and MessagePort.

NPRuntime is NPAPI.

MessagePort is establishing a communication channel in between a web
application, our plugin, and a native C++ background only application
without a user interface. (I think is it a socket based mechanism, I have
to check to insure of this)

For that last mechanism we might have to rely on having such plugin and
plugin result objects, as it is highly asynchronous.

In order to support Cordova 3 on Tizen we need to support CLI and Plugman.

Where could I find something to help me in that task?

For example what are the part to update that relates to a specific

Then we have to provide Cordova APIs plugins implementation on Tizen.

These APIs are implemented until Cordova 2.9.x as JavaScript shim layers
above the Tizen Web Runtime APIs.

My first attempt upgrading this to Cordova 3 architecture would be to keep
this JavaScript implementation: plugins as JavaScript plugins, shim layers
on the Tizen Web Runtime API.

Is there a kind of Cordova 3 plugin JavaScript framework that provides

In doing this I wonder if I really need to provide a plugin and plugin
result object?

Then, if I do not need to provide such object I wonder where the shim layer
is going to take place in the www part of the plug in or in the src part of
the plugin  (I know we can use the config.xml file to set this)



Paul Plaquette,
Senior Software Engineer
Intel Corporation SAS *
*SSG/OTC: Open Source Technology Center*
France, Montpellier
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