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From "" <>
Subject RE: Change plugin IDs from "org.cordova.core.FOO" -> "org.cordova.FOO"
Date Fri, 20 Sep 2013 20:33:13 GMT
On Fri Sep 20 10:11 AM, Michal Mocny wrote:
> Yeah, but not sure how best to do so.
> Do we have a way to mark plugins as deprecated?  Crazy idea: upload a
> nearly
> empty version under the old plugin name that <depends> on the
> new one, and
> add a <deprecated> type tag to plugin.xml spec?

It sort of brings us back to "required" vs. "non-required" dependency:

I think you'd end up with: 
> plugin list

My pref would be to 'break stuff' then have a placeholder for deprecated plugin ids.

All we really want here is way to resolve "org.cordova.core.FOO" --> "org.cordova.FOO"
for backwards compatibility.

Harmony proposal calls this step resolve(),lots of similarity :

Having a way to register aliases or alternative ids/names could be useful in some sort of
'resolve' step.

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