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From Filip Maj <>
Subject Re: Medic/ Automated testing
Date Mon, 12 Aug 2013 21:06:56 GMT

>Generally true. There are a few bits in the device deployment part that
>need code that is not part of cli and probably don't make sense to be
>there. There are some bits that probably should be handled by extensions
>cli since there are other reasonable workflows that could use them.
>For example - Currently cli does not offer a build-deploy only option,
>which is a problem.  For the current method to work, we need to prepare -
>hack a little - build & deploy. All of the cli options do a prepare first.
>So for my first tests I have called the lib scripts directly for that too.
>I think adding deploy-only to cli makes sense.

We don't offer a deploy-only api through cordova-cli, but we do offer a
`compile` command: this is a build without a prepare. I am not sure
whether it is worth exposing this stuff in cordova-cli, or if keeping it
to the project/cordova/lib scripts is sufficient. I think at this point,
keeping them under lib/ is good enough. If people really need it, they can
call into the lib/ scripts by going through ~userdir/.cordova/lib/android
manually and invoking scripts that way.

>I am less sure that deploying to multiple devices has a target audience
>other than automated testing...

In general I've always been surprised by what users will do if you provide
them with the capabilities.. :)

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