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From Michal Mocny <>
Subject Re: Posting Blog Posts
Date Tue, 06 Aug 2013 17:27:48 GMT
I'de like to make a proposal about how we go about publishing certain blog
posts.  I think this is a good practice for Organizational-type blogs to
clearly identify posts which are (1) genuinely origination from the
organization, vs (2) those which are just being curated from within the
community.  This is already widely accepted practice on many other blogs as
well as on Twitter, and I think already the strategy that PhoneGap blog

(1) If the content has to do with cordova-core, i.e. announcing releases,
or publishing guides, etc., we should publish the full text directly on the
cordova Blog (by whichever author), as-if written by the organization.
(2) If the content was written by a contributor and is worth curating for
the whole community, but is not really core ie. non-core plugins, dev tips,
research, opinion-pieces, statistics, etc., post a short description,
perhaps adding a document-snippet, but then link to the externally hosted
content, making it clearly not written by the organization.

I think this makes it both easier to identify those posts which are really
organizationally important, as well as giving us a way to post things that
otherwise maybe would not have made the cut.



On Tue, Aug 6, 2013 at 10:41 AM, Andrew Grieve <> wrote:

> Here's a draft of a "how to write a blog post". I intend to add this to the
> website's Wanted to get some feedback / +1 since this is a
> "process".
>  Writting a Blog Post
> > --------------------
> > Blog posts live in `www/_posts`. To create a new post:
> >   1. Copy one of the existing posts into a new file (changing the name
> > appropriately).
> >   2. Run "rake serve" in the background.
> >   3. Draft your post.
> >   4. Get your post reviewed by at least one other committer
> >      1. via
> >      2. Should be able to do this by running the "post-review" tool. If
> > the tool is not working, upload the diff manually (via "svn diff > file",
> > and be sure to add the "cordova" group to the review request).
> >   5. Update the file name to reflect the commit date (if necessary)
> >   6. Run "rake build"
> >   7. svn commit
> *Post guidelines:*
> >   * Use the post title as the first header. Including a header as well
> > makes the snippet on the front page look really bad.
> >   * Use `rake serve` and refresh frequently. Jekyll does not do a good
> job
> > at telling you where errors are made.
> >   * Review your post yourself before asking for a review. This includes
> > spell-check :).

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