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From Jan Becicka <>
Subject Re: Cordova CLI
Date Fri, 23 Aug 2013 06:49:02 GMT
Thanks for fast response!

>> * We depend on project structure according
>> . Is the project structure stable?
> Reasonably. No promises that the details won't move around a bit. There's
> been discussion, for example, of moving from having $PROJECT/merges and
> $PROJECT/www as top-level directories, to a $PROJECT/app folder that
> contains app/www, app/merges, app/resources/splashscreen or whatever else.
> There's some history here; the Google team working on CLI (ie. me) thought
> that was an uncontroversial change back in CLI's alpha days, but it got a
> lot of pushback and was eventually reverted.
> On the other hand, we've launched now, so we're probably stuck with this,
> even though config.xml is inside www/ and that makes no sense.

From my point of view (3rd party tool vendor) project structure is (or should be) an API.
It sounds, that there are no immediate plans for changing it. Just wondering how do you do
such changes? Do you announce such change and let 3rd party developers to update their products?
Will the new version of CLI (which will potentially change the project structure) work with
the old project structure?

> We're actively working on building a registry of plugins that can be
> queried to discover what versions of it exist and where they can be found.
> Once that's ready for primetime, you can use it to determine what plugins
> can be installed. Though the list may eventually grow too large to fetch
> all at once, so you may want to think about search functionality rather
> than a list.

Sounds good. What is the timeframe for starting plugin registry?

And what about current approach. Can I suppose, that 
cordova plugin add

will work in the future and add the right version of geolocation plugin?

NetBeans IDE has much longer dev cycle than cordova (let say 6-9 months for the release).
And I like to be sure, that if we release support for plugins, it will not break after few
weeks. Any ideas, how should I do it?


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