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From James Jong <>
Subject Re: A few comments on Working With 3.0
Date Wed, 14 Aug 2013 22:50:02 GMT
Becky, I would update your cordova-ios project.  There was a recent change to remove it (CB-4281).
-James Jong

On Aug 14, 2013, at 5:33 PM, Becky Gibson <> wrote:

> OK, I think the linker problem is because CDVEcho.m is included twice.  I
> see it in plugins dir under org.apache.cordova.test.echo/src/ios/ and in
> platforms/ios/cordovalib/classes/.  I'm guessing this has something to do
> with the dependencies for mobilespec?
> thanks,
> -becky
> On Wed, Aug 14, 2013 at 5:05 PM, Becky Gibson <>wrote:
>> I found a few bugs in iOS media capture and media that I would like to
>> fix.  I need to get set up for 3.0 so I followed the instructions here:
>>  Since I didn't have any
>> 3.0 clones I started by cloning.
>> Here are a few issues that I ran into that did not seem to be documented:
>>   - In order for the coho clone command to work I needed to install
>>   optimist, shelljs and request.  I tried to install optimist globally but
>>   that didn't work so I ended  up installing all of these locally in my
>>   cordova-coho directory to get things working.
>>   - I had to blindly cut and paste the coho clone from the
>>   WorkingWithThree wiki page since I couldn't find any documentation for the
>>   clone command.
>>   - I edited .cordova/config.json as indicated in the instructions but
>>   then running the cordova platform add command kept giving me a syntax
>>   error: unexpected string.  I went back to the default config.json and the
>>   platform add command worked correctly.
>>   - Since I was starting from scratch I had to also clone cordova-js
>>   - I followed the instructions for the cordova-js readme and installed
>>   grunt via:  sudo npm install -g grunt-cli  When I tried to run grunt
>>   to build cordova-js I got the message that it should be installed locally:  Fatal
>>   error: Unable to find local grunt. Based on the original instructions
>>   I installed grunt-cli locally - that didn't work so I installed grunt
>>   locally.
>>   - I could build the platform js files but got the following error:
>> Running "_test" task
>> starting node-based tests
>> Warning: can't run tests in node: run grunt btest instead, or install
>> jsdom via: npm install Use --force to continue.
>> Since I didn't care about the tests (at this point I didn't worry about
>> the error - however I'm still not sure what I should be installing).
>> I opened the created mobilespec project in xcode but the build failed when
>> linking.   I did make the mistake of opening it in xcode 5 (beta 5) before
>> trying it in 4.6 so my project settings  may have been messed up by xcode
>> 5.  I'll tackle that tomorrow but I wanted to get the installation
>> information documented before I forgot.
>> -becky

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