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From "" <>
Subject RE: Android & iOS Bridge Improvements (more)
Date Wed, 28 Aug 2013 18:21:38 GMT
On Wed Aug 7 04:23 PM, Andrew Grieve wrote:
> Wrote up some ideas for removing jank from the bridges.
> K5ocsyhNNM/edit#
> Includes content from CB-3900, which I'd previously brought up on the ML.
> Also relates to CB-3359 for one of the ideas.
> Feel free to give it a read, add comments & share thoughts of what other
> improvements we could make.

For Android, any thoughts on a 'npapi' plugin for the webview like what google gears used
to do:

It's locked down but maybe Adobe could 'sign' it and it would be BC compatible with older
Android versions?!topic/android-platform/FGvrCwTC16I

It doesn't look like npapi has a bright future though.

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