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From Tyler Wilson <>
Subject cordova cli and OS X platform
Date Wed, 03 Jul 2013 04:22:07 GMT
I am really loving the ability to have one project with multiple platforms. Previously I had
to create one project for OS X and another for iOS, and copy the www files around when needed.
But with the cli ability to have multiple platforms, that solves that issue. And once I get
my plugin in the plug man format, the issues with copying the plugin .js file will be handled
too I am hoping.

So now what I would love is to have the OS X platform as an option in the cli. It does not
appear it is part of the platform list as yet. What is involved in adding a platform to the
the cli system? Is the OS X maintainer on this list? I sent a previously message asking about
ArrayBuffer support, which is needed for my specific plugin (Bluetooth Smart). I am certainly
willing to give it a shot if somebody could outline the steps.

Thank you,
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