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From Filip Maj <>
Subject Re: Google Team's Task Backlog: Plugman & CLI
Date Tue, 30 Jul 2013 01:54:11 GMT
Sorry for the generic first-post, here's a little more fine-grained
commenting / approval:

> cordova-cli:
>- "plugin rm --force" To remove a plugin that is depended on
>   - Motive here is to be able to remove & re-add plugins in mobile-spec

+1, let's file an issue for that. From Adobe's side phonegap build folk
were asking for this as well.

>- "project upgrade" To execute platform update scripts
>   - E.g. to move from 3.0 -> 3.1, Grab the new CLI and run "cordova
>platform upgrade android"

There's already an issue we should hijack to log this feature:

>- Set platform & plugin sources & versions in config.xml, added by cordova
>tool upon add
>   - E.g. like: npm install --save
>   - E.g. Support the setup of having plugins/ and platforms/ in your
>- Purge lib/ from git history so the repo clones faster

Good idea but I figure INFRA's response will be "NO HISTORY REWRITE,

>- Make CLI fast (fix shelljs.exec problem)

On this topic: grep through for TODO in both cli and plugman. Lots of
optimizations / blatant laziness I've been noting down as I've gone ahead
that would be an easy first-step.

>- Have platforms specifying what default plugins they come with (e.g.
>Android's App plugin)
>- Make --verbose on by default

+1, most users tend to not notice there's a verbose mode so this should
make bug tracking a bit easier

>- Move config.xml to be a sibling of www/ (but still support having one in
>www/ for backwards compat)

The more I look at merges/ folder the more I agree with this approach but
that should be discussed in the other 35 threads we have going on this
topic :)

>- Separate npm modules into "cordova" and "cordova-cli" (a la grunt)

Cool idea!

>- Support some assets x-platform (e.g. icon, splashscreen)
>- Change existing <merges> to do a shallow merge (aka, it's a collection
>- Add a version of <merges> that targets a module instead of a symbol
>- Add support for specifying iOS Localizable.strings files
>- Support for <engine> tag to specify which version of a plugin is
>compatible with your version of cordova-core

All great ideas, log them as improvements and we can slowly chip away at it

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