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From Filip Maj <>
Subject Re: medic
Date Thu, 25 Jul 2013 18:19:32 GMT

Definitely want to see medic get more love and ideally get it into apache
so contribution is easier (it's existing on my github at the moment)

Totally agree the data structure needs to be updated to account for
changed in architecture. That said, with a document store backing it, we
don't have to put too much thought into a schema. One thing we know for
sure: it will probably change in the future anyways :)

In no particular order, things that need to be done:

- handling plugins post-breakout
- using cordova-cli as a npm module. There is a TON of duplicated code in
there that pretty much exactly mirrors cordova-cli. This will need some
investigation as medic does multi-device deployments and synchronizes
results across multiple deploys, which cordova-cli does not provide.
Perhaps there is some overlap here and perhaps some of that functionality
can trickle back to cordova-ci.
- integrating with our (other) couchdb store for the plugin registry.
Figuring out replication.
- ability to distribute medic as another node in a larger network.
Implementing the vision of a distributed testing lab.

On 7/25/13 11:07 AM, "Andrew Grieve" <> wrote:

>On Thu, Jul 25, 2013 at 2:03 PM, David Kemp <> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> In the spirit of trying to share the goods, I would like to see if we
>> co-ordinate some of the efforts, and more importantly some of the data.
>> With the changes in 3.0, I don't think the data structure used
>> is sufficient.
>> I would like to see results that:
>> * for mobilespec: include the platform, platform version, js version,
>> plugin list (with versions)
>> * include results for cordova-cli
>> * include results for cordova-coho
>> * include results for cordova-js tests
>> * include results for other tools that are testable
>> The current medic structure tags tests with <platform><sha>.
>> A possible solution is to add an additional dataset that ties a Test_ID
>> a test description. The test description could be a a structured object
>> indicating the list of <component><sha> that was in the test. If we
>> the <platform> to mean <component>, then the test results get saved
>>with a
>> tag of <component><test_id>.
>> So you would get a test like:
>> test_id=ANDROID_1234
>> results="270 passed, 0 failed"
>> components="
>> cordova-android: 980c4699b0993b1718c2f0a1761f7d3cc49a0c9b
>> cordova-cli: 1fe77b0be1997c42da31606cdbca9eb9e90a954e
>> cordova-js: d716e31b39bd39a06f1db80040e2c8a6a78a34e8
>> cordova-mobile-spec: f5c0a54d056c6e9b76f59eac2b2908ddbfed3e65
>> cordova-plugin-battery-status: f52824aba6aa0f470d2ee5b3d53466fd8668ac56
>> cordova-plugin-camera: 5d747c739ddd41b731f77fb531481a709ea497cd
>> cordova-plugin-console: 3cb1165a3f95e86045e9800ba3e8b4ffb0ef5a91
>> cordova-plugin-contacts: 5f0847d4a13a90df5b37bdcbabae6936610a5345
>> cordova-plugin-device: 3c5832d2cca354bb1309eef738a848e2d4b87e3e
>> cordova-plugin-device-motion: 43e653378bb3bc98ffd39c1b8d0e2a0a3d412c6c
>> cordova-plugin-device-orientation:
>> cordova-plugin-dialogs: 96c52b4d8411f7745fec5e154ad75474a4fc4d07
>> cordova-plugin-file: 698d7f6d2d2f2e9364451d5c0b4c763eae97c192
>> cordova-plugin-file-transfer: e37895a56e314832d8480dfde221a1f72d915140
>> cordova-plugin-geolocation: d8f8aa5beef0b16d656662d59b31a0bee1b69b0d
>> cordova-plugin-globalization: 8caedd2c6674e485dd46941f3f0106f7b17f1bbf
>> cordova-plugin-inappbrowser: dd7b20543f20660b4be71721e404e4ba7219aa7c
>> cordova-plugin-media: 9538b8c10d01fac785b3764985e7d836046802fb
>> cordova-plugin-media-capture: ba76f1121b34376fe11c58bb30ebe8ab8481281a
>> cordova-plugin-network-information:
>> e45286df35487a4414756d8fb93597ea454cb1ff
>> cordova-plugin-splashscreen: 33f353d2e9684e189f8b7d59c066253f2fe73f48
>> cordova-plugin-vibration: 5c08769e83a09e900fe301f140bbe143390e8eb0 "
>> Better ideas anyone?
>> On Fri, Jul 19, 2013 at 2:38 PM, David Kemp <> wrote:
>>> Hi Mike,
>>> So, we are on much the same road. I also had medic working briefly
>>> pre-3.0.
>>> When the 3.0 structure changed, I put it aside for a while since it was
>>> clearly going to take a bit of effort to change medic to run with 3.0.
>>> Today, while the dust settles a bit I have been looking at the idea of
>>> using buildbot for the primary tooling, and using coho and cordova-cli
>>> a bunch of the build steps.
>>> My goal was to include coho and cli in the test chain so we can detect
>>> failures there too.
>>> I also looked at the issue of tracking versions and had not yet decided
>>> on any good way to describe a test set in a similar way to the simple
>>> <platform><sha>. In the case of 3.X, it seems like it should be:
>>>  <platform><sha><mobile-spec><sha>[..<plugin><sha>..]
>>> David
>>> On Fri, Jul 19, 2013 at 2:01 PM, Mike Billau
>>>> Hi,
>>>> Initially I was just working on understanding what medic was doing and
>>>> how. It's a pretty neat piece of code, Fil did a great job. I am new
>>>> node so this step has taken a bit longer than expected.
>>>> You'll notice that the code is pretty old, so at first I was just
>>>> updating it to work with the 2.X stream - doing things like removing
>>>> -VERSION suffix from cordova.js file, figuring out how to write my
>>>> URL into the whitelist, etc. I was able to get medic to work for a few
>>>> hours with three different Android devices, it was cool.
>>>> Things are a bit different now though with the 3.X stream and having
>>>> everything split apart. The last few days I have been working on
>>>> integrating the CLI. On one hand, using the CLI seems to simplify a
>>>>lot of
>>>> the code, especially with the mobile spec create script that Andrew
>>>> in yesterday (haven't integrated this yet but seems simple enough.)
>>>>On the
>>>> other hand, with everything split out I am not sure if it is going to
>>>> possible to pull down the code from a specific SHA and test it out -
>>>> least not until the medic tests themselves get added into their
>>>> repos. (How would you know which version of mobile spec matches the
>>>> SHA? By timestamp?)  I don't really think this is an issue though
>>>> it is a CI...if we just pull the HEAD of every repo when a new commit
>>>> in and run the test, then it should be fine. (If there is a need to
>>>> old SHA, one could build that specific version of mobile spec, run
>>>> the automated tests, and hit a "Report to DB" button or something.)
>>>> My current goals are to 1. integrate Andrew's script so I can have a
>>>> single node command instead of 15 nested .exec callbacks, 2. Figure
>>>>out why
>>>> the gitpubsub always gives me JSON errors when a new commit goes in,
>>>>3. Get
>>>> it running and reporting data to the couchdb, 4. Clean up the code /
>>>> the specific SHA part 5. Check in with Ryan Willoughby who has been
>>>> on integrating PhoneGapBuild and see if he has done any 3.0 work 6.
>>>> the apache infra guys to see if they have set up a couch db machine
>>>>for us
>>>> I have also been researching types of USB hubs to use - the Adobe
>>>>guys a
>>>> while back told me about their huge 42 port hub. So far I have been
>>>> the 4 port powered Pluggable devices and they daisy chain well and
>>>>can do
>>>> data+power with all of our devices save Samsung tablets and some
>>>> I have been compiling a table internally of the device/hub
>>>> that I'd like to share/collaborate on.
>>>> Hopefully we can collaborate and get this thing running. A few days
>>>> we talked about how it'd be cool to add a "-ci" parameter to the CLI
>>>> that other offices can easily get medic up and running with whatever
>>>> devices they have. I think this would be a pretty useful thing to add.
>>>> Hope ya'ller having fun at the conference!
>>>> Mike

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