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From Filip Maj <>
Subject Re: Google Team's Task Backlog: JS & Plugins
Date Thu, 25 Jul 2013 17:56:50 GMT
One thing I think should be considered is how to move plugin docs and
tests into the plugin repos, and how that works together with the tooling.

On 7/25/13 10:48 AM, "Andrew Grieve" <> wrote:

>We've done some planning around what we'd like to get done over the next
>quarter, and so I thought I'd share.
>This isn't to say that we'll be going and doing these things without
>further discussion or proper JIRA issues. It also doesn't mean we will be
>solely focused on this list, nor that we'll actually end up completing
>everything on the list. Just that we *currently* think that these things
>should get done.
>- remove: plugininit.js, symbols.js, modulemapper.loadAllModules()
>- Delete non-CLI platforms on master (they will live on in the 2.9.x
>- Add a helper that plugins can use to resolve relative URLs before
>them over the bridge
>- Look at minimally supporting iframes
>     (e.g. currently android's bridge fires online/offline events on
>     Why? Chrome Apps use one for their background page.
>     Why? GWT-based apps tend to run in iframes.
>- Make "file instanceof Blob" be true.
>- Support for URL.createBlobURL(cdvFile)
>- Expose PERSISTENT / TEMPORARY constants on window (to match spec)
>- Fix Entry.path to match spec (return root-relative paths, not abs
>This is a breaking change.
>   - This spec-deviation actually does break some existing Chrome apps
>run on Cordova
>- Change PERSISTANT fs to default to internal storage on Android. This
>be a breaking change.
>   - The current default is the *root* of the SD card. *Not* what the spec
>had intended.
>- Add
>   - This API is essential for any app that is using the File API beyond
>the sandboxed TEMPORARY / PERSISTENT storage areas.
>API Audit:
>- All APIs that refer to resources should use URLs instead of file paths
>(FileTransfer, Media, etc)
>- Relative paths should always be treated as relative URLs (be relative to
>your current page)

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