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From Filip Maj <>
Subject Re: Google Team's Task Backlog: iOS
Date Thu, 25 Jul 2013 17:56:20 GMT
I won't comment on the ios/android specifics and defer to Shaz/Joe on
those points :)

On 7/25/13 10:48 AM, "Andrew Grieve" <> wrote:

>We've done some planning around what we'd like to get done over the next
>quarter, and so I thought I'd share.
>This isn't to say that we'll be going and doing these things without
>further discussion or proper JIRA issues. It also doesn't mean we will be
>solely focused on this list, nor that we'll actually end up completing
>everything on the list. Just that we *currently* think that these things
>should get done.
>- Move header symbols into .m files where possible (reduce API surface)
>- Move resource copy step into an external script
>- Make Xcode have a custom build step that runs prepare for CLI setup
>- Make Xcode's project navigator point to your root www/ and merges/
>- (CB-3900) Have PluginResult that gets populated lazily - at the time of
>being sent over the bridge.

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