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From Filip Maj <>
Subject Re: Plugman Integration Tests
Date Wed, 24 Jul 2013 20:17:45 GMT
I think separating these end-to-end / integration tests into a separate
suite that can be run on their own would be helpful.

The stock `npm test` run should just run unit tests and my expectation is
that these have file system / remote http / git / shell calls all stubbed
out. Cordova-cli has all of its tests mocked out this way and they run
under .5 seconds on an SSD machine.

I redid MOST of the tests in plugman to follow this but there are still a
few ones that I've missed, so plugman unit tests ran on my SSD machine in
about 4 seconds.

My reasoning for keeping the tests running quickly is that most committers
will be more obliged to run them if they run fast. When tests took > a
minute to run, people stopped running them..

On 7/24/13 1:13 PM, "Jeffrey Heifetz" <> wrote:

>I recently added some end to end testing into the plugman tests run via
>npm test and on some machines these can take a while to run (Fil is
>saying 10s timeouts are being hit).
>While I know mocking these things can speed up the tests, I personally
>feel like they are more valuable as integration tests., especially since
>both covered moderately complicated dependency cases.
>One proposal is that we separate the tests between unit and integration,
>but this approach likely means no one will run the slow tests.
>Ultimately I'm just unsure what direction we want to go with these.
>Perhaps as long as the total run time is below 2 min its fine.
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