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From Filip Maj <>
Subject Re: Plugin / Platform mismatch problems
Date Sun, 21 Jul 2013 01:27:12 GMT
Yeah this entire bit needs a lot of love for sure.

I think Anis' registry work should solve the big current issues here.

In the mean time your proposal sounds fine to me. Only thing I would add
is to increment the version attribute in the plugin.xml every time a merge
back into master happens (so if people submit issues with a plugin we can
track which version they are using)

On 7/19/13 10:16 AM, "Andrew Grieve" <> wrote:

>I think it's true that:
>1. CLI downloads tagged versions of platforms
>2. Plugman downloads plugins from "master" branch
>This means that we can't check any code into plugin master branches
>them going live immediately.
>Best solution would be to change plugman to download from a tag by
>but a bit late for that now...
>Instead, I think we should change all development on plugins:
>- Commit only to "dev" branch.
>- When we want to push an update, we should file a release bug for the
>plugin, test on all platforms
>Case 1: The changes work with 3.0 cordova: then merge into master (only if
>it works of course)
>Case 2: The changes require a platform API that hasn't been release yet:
>Wait and release after the next cordova core release.
>Any other ideas?

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