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From Ray Camden <>
Subject Re: Wondering what folks think about the default project
Date Thu, 11 Jul 2013 18:37:52 GMT
I'd be cool with a command line flag and having the default be as it is.
For folks who care (like me ;) I'd just remember to add the flag.

On 7/11/13 1:31 PM, "Michal Mocny" <> wrote:

>Fil has mentioned that we will eventually add a way to specify the
>app template (ie, the "hello world" app) at cordova create time.
>In mobile-chrome-apps land we do this via an optional --source=... flag,
>and it accepts a few "magic" values such as --source=spec to automatically
>create a spec test app.  Perhaps whatever upstream solution we have for
>this could also include special values such as --source=blank.
>On Thu, Jul 11, 2013 at 1:50 PM, Ray Camden <> wrote:
>> To be clear, I want it to be nothing!
>> Once I know how to use PG, how does this sample app help me? It
>>doesn't. I
>> have to remove the JS, remove the CSS, remove the HTML.
>> This is my ideal:
>> One HTML file containing:
>> <!DOCTYPE html>
>> <html>
>> <head>
>> <script src="cordova.js"></script>
>> </head>
>> <body>
>> </body>
>> </html>
>> That's it. Let me decide what JS file to add, what CSS file to add, etc.
>> On 7/11/13 12:37 PM, "Anis KADRI" <> wrote:
>> >What would be something better for developers ? Do you mean a better
>> >boilerplate app ? It used to be a sample app that uses all the APIs but
>> >people thought that was too complicated and didn't look good. Most of
>> >time it was broken too because it didn't get updated with newer
>> >
>> >
>> >On Thu, Jul 11, 2013 at 10:28 AM, Ray Camden <>
>> >
>> >> I can add this as a Jira item if it makes sense, but, what do folks
>> >>think
>> >> about the following:
>> >>
>> >> I'd like to propose that the 'default' PG app created by the CLI be
>> >> changed. Right now it is cool. Looks neat. But is completely
>> >> after you've after learned how to use PG. It's a great example for
>> >> learning PG, but for those of us who know and just want to get
>> >> quickly, it actually takes me more time to *remove* the HTML, CSS,
>> >>JS
>> >> used in the default then it does to create a new project. Not to be
>> >> dramatic, but it really is the worst part of the process for me. Then
>> >> again, I tend to make quite a few POCs with the CLI so this issue
>> >>me
>> >> more often than normal probably.
>> >>
>> >> I know the CLI is just copying a template (I've blogged on this
>> >> but shouldn't the default be something better for developers?
>> >>
>> >>

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