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From Ray Camden <>
Subject Wondering what folks think about the default project
Date Thu, 11 Jul 2013 17:28:36 GMT
I can add this as a Jira item if it makes sense, but, what do folks think
about the following:

I'd like to propose that the 'default' PG app created by the CLI be
changed. Right now it is cool. Looks neat. But is completely unnecessary
after you've after learned how to use PG. It's a great example for folks
learning PG, but for those of us who know and just want to get started
quickly, it actually takes me more time to *remove* the HTML, CSS, and JS
used in the default then it does to create a new project. Not to be over
dramatic, but it really is the worst part of the process for me. Then
again, I tend to make quite a few POCs with the CLI so this issue hits me
more often than normal probably.

I know the CLI is just copying a template (I've blogged on this before),
but shouldn't the default be something better for developers?

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